Production of exhibitions

From the first idea on a project up to his materialization many factors are involved that make it is or not viable, that determine the project to be a macro production or an event of a few hours.

Very varied projects arise from our design team: children's events, cultural exhibitions, family events, we try to take forward in a spirit of innovation and development in the new fields of entertainment

Our customers deliver us their dreams and we make them real.

Exhibition marketing

We believe in teamwork and from this perspective we do not tire seeking new markets, inquire about that which is moved to the other side of the world, ideas that succeed today in distant latitudes but along Km at the speed of light.

Make that a major exhibition become the benchmark for a city, of a brand. Get broadcast to reach high shares of participation, achieving excellence in the impact on media, in a word: success

We like the adrenaline, believe in projects and put them on the table in our markets, travel with our suitcases full of projects and make others believe in them... Everything is possible, we only need to believe in what we do

Management of exhibitions

An event has to offer something more than their own content, has to transcend, that sit in the retina of those who enjoyed it.

Start with a good media campaign, a good dissemination among the target audience, which fill dreams without having even reached to create expectation

This is how our work begins and does not cease, nor much less, when we opened. Every day we believe in excellence and each day, each person in the audience that decides to enter and participate in the event, has to leave convinced that it worth it.

Every event whether a family Blockbuster, a cultural exhibition, an interactive production or a Christmas scene, force us to a prior study to design in the best possible way its campaign and their lines of communication

We believe in what we do